why walk on clouds?

Hello & welcome 🙂
my name is Sabine, I’m born in Germany but living in the Flemish part of Belgium, I’m 46 years, married with a real Belgian, I have one son and a cute dog Charlie which is my best companion on my 10.000 steps a day.

But why walk on clouds? After several years walking literally in the dark and without any knowledge of lymphedemas, I was finally diagnosed with a primary lymphedema in both legs in August 2016.
Before that day I had already two erysipelas. After the second I was quiet angry on my doctor who treated me at that time. He prescribed me medication for a better venous circulation and compression stockings class II and send me to the physiotherapist for messages (De Vodder). This didn’t help much and I went back to him and asked him if this is all what he can do for me? After some discussion he advised me to contact Prof. Sarah Thomis and her team in the UZ in Leuven.
Finally I had the feeling that I’m on the right track. It is still a way to go but I would like to share my experience with you and exchange your tips & tricks.

A couple of months someone told me “girl, you will never walk like on clouds again“.
Well, I’m trying my best and I will reach this.  🙂

Have a nice day. Lots of kisses,

Disclaimer I’m not a doctor nor medical. I’m a lymphedema patient by myself and I’m reporting my personal experience.



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