MPC? What is this?


I try to walk every day 10.000 steps with our dog Charlie but this is no exercise it is movement.

In the hospital they told me that you can reach a better effect with power-exercising, much more than cardio-training.


MPC? What is this? This is the reaction which you get from a lot of people. Then you explain the concept (healthy lifestyle with clean food and more exercises in your life) than everyone can follow you but never bring Outlander into it as especially men wouldn’t believe that you do this only for this red-hair Scotsman 🙂

No, since I started with MPC = MyPeakChallenge, it changed a lot in my life.
I met a lot of wonderful people, till now we had already two Belgian Peaker gatherings, we follow each other on Facebook and exchange our experiences and support each other.

But the best of all is that you challenge yourself and also support a good course.

All in all it is a fantastic program. I wish that there would be more people taking this initiative.

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