Last month I got my FarrowWrap from Jobst after I met the lovely ladies of the Belgian sales team.
I felt very comfortable with their advices and also one of the ladies has a primary lymphedema and we could exchange our experiences.

I’m very happy with my Farrow wrap and wear them every evening when I come home from work. It is much easier to apply than the bandages. You just adjust them with the Velcro to your size.

The Farrow wrap comes in several parts. A piece for the foot, the under leg, a part for your knee and two parts for the upper leg.

I’m very fine with the below part and the upper leg in case that I don’t move because it might fall off even if you tighten it very strongly. But probably I move to much in the house or with the dog.
The results are phenomenal. Since my treatment I lost on each leg 20cm and the legs feel so much lighter afterwards.
I dared to put no compression stockings on but my Farrow Wrap at work so that I can sit in front of my PC and remove them easily during lunchtime or after work. This is nice in summertime and gives you a little bit back of the freedom before you got sick.

But this really depends on your legs and if it is possible to do this.
The price is still quiet high. You can estimate around 750 euro for 2 legs. Unfortunately this is not paid back in Belgium and I hope we will follow one day Germany or the Netherlands.

more information about the Farrow Wrap you can find under http://www.jobst-usa.com/jobst-lab/farrowwrap/





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